What CAN you do?

What CAN you do?


  • This is a great story how we need to always look for what we CAN do in situations that seem to be falling apart at the seams!  My son had just spent hours finishing his “shell-guitar” for his first 4th grade book report. ( No, I did not help him one bit! )  With excitement in his eyes, he headed to school with uncontainable JOY to share his report.  On the way to school, I asked him where his shell guitar was…. “In my Backpack Mom” was his non-chalant response.  The tears began when he unzipped his backpack only to find shells and detached rubber bands.  You can picture the scene. Disappointment, anger, and tears…lots of them.
  • My dear friend had just shared with me how God had taught her a NEW lesson from the well-known verse in Matthew 14:13-21 where Jesus multiplies 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to feed over 5000 people. To bring us up to speed, Jesus was having a “shell-guitar” day too…at least in the mind of a 10 year old.  He had just learned about the beheading of his friend and cousin, John the Baptist.  Crowds from local towns were following him wanting healing and teaching and while it was getting dark, they wanted FOOD too (don’t we all).  He looked at his disciples and said (my loose interpretation), “O.K. boys…what CAN we do? What do we have to work with?” He didn’t just dismiss the situation because he only had 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to feed ALL the people.  He gave THANKS and focused of what he DID have and not what he didn’t have. By the end of the night, they had MORE THAN ENOUGH to feed everyone!  Sometimes, I tend to be like the disciples seeing the cup “half-empty” and wanting to tell everyone just to go home.  But not Jesus…no way…He is a CAN DOER! And we should be too.
  • O.K…back to the Shell-Guitar!  I looked at my son through the tears and said,” O.K., what CAN we do?  You know, I am sure there is a glue gun at school and I bet we CAN glue this guitar back together before your presentation.”     Did it work…Did God MULTIPLY our request…YOU BET HE DID! Just before his presentation, He had his Shell Guitar looking brand new.
  • So, what’s the lesson for us?  How can we apply this to our lives?  I have found myself in situations all week where I am asking myself, “Annie, What CAN you do right now.”  I remember Jesus with little resources to feed all those people and I quietly say to myself, “Lord, please give me creative options to SEE what I CAN DO THROUGH YOU to take small steps.”  Give THANKS and keep on going.  He is so faithful.
  • My sister created this plaque this week to remind herself of what she CAN do!  I pray we can always be encouraged by this: “I CAN do All things through CHRIST who strengthens me!” Philippians 4:13



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