How to Use the App

Welcome to the ThouArtExalted Ministries App featuring Awake My Soul Daily Devotions and resources for tween/teen girls! We are so glad you’re here. In just 5 minutes, you can start each day with God’s Word.

For over a year, more than twenty authors have teamed up with TAE to develop this free app so that you can read through the New Testament in ONE YEAR! Each day, you will receive a quick devotional right to your phone that will highlight verses from each chapter of the New Testament starting with Matthew.

Here’s how you can NAVIGATE the ThouArtExalted app:

BUBBLE ICON: (bottom left-hand corner of the app screen) This is where you will find the Devotions for each day.

• SHARE ICON: (the box with the upwards pointing arrow at the top of the screen) After you’ve enjoyed the content, you can share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email by clicking this icon. Note: there will only be a devotional for each weekday (Monday-Friday). We hope you’ll take Saturday and Sunday as opportunities to reflect on the past week’s lessons or memorize Scripture.

• BIBLE ICON: (bottom left-hand of the app screen, next to bubble icon)  This icon will give you full access to read the Bible. The Reading Plan will correspond with the day’s devotional. If you click the top right tab under Bible, you’ll be able to search any book or chapter in the Bible. Special feature: when you find which book and chapter you’d like to read, you can click the sound icon at the bottom and the app will read you the text!

• LOCK SCREENS: (bottom middle of the app screen, computer icon next to Bible icon)  These are fun downloadable graphics that correspond to the devotionals. After you click on the graphic, hold down your finger until “Save Image” pops up. Click “Save Image” to save the graphic to your photos folder. After that, you can use the graphic as wallpaper for your phone or text it to a friend who could use some daily encouragement!

• RESOURCES TAB: (bottom right-hand of the app screen)  You will find more information about ThouArtExalted’s Bible Studies for women and girls, free art projects, and a great lesson on Girl’s Image.

• MORE TAB: (Far bottom right-hand of the app screen)  Our More tab allows you to sign up for our emails, connect with us on social media, give to the ministry, or shop our products!

So girls, set your alarm 5 minutes earlier each morning. Open the app and begin your day on God’s promises. Over the course of a year you will have gone through a portion of every chapter in the New Testament. How cool is that?


We love you dearly and can’t wait to join you on this JOURNEY through the New Testament!

For more information about ThouArtExalted, please visit: