In and Out Cafe Art Camp

Welcome to In and Out Cafe Art Camp for pre-teen and teen girls (Ages 9-12+). This VBS-Style, five-day format includes five Bible lessons, five art projects, teaching videos, marketing materials and more. The In and Out Cafe Art Camp lesson plans are very adaptable to fit the needs of any size group of preteen, youth or teenage girls at your church, home-school group or small group.


What is In and Out Cafe Art Camp?

The In and Out Cafe is a Bible study for TWEEN and TEEN girls based in Genesis 25–27 on the topic of JEALOUSY. The Bible study takes a close look at jealousy while exploring the life experiences of Isaac, Rebekah, Esau, and Jacob. Each lesson focuses on two concepts: An “order-in” and an opposite “take-out.”

Lesson One (Genesis 25:19-34): ORDER IN: Jealousy         TAKE OUT: Peace
Lesson Two (Genesis 26:1-9): ORDER IN: Lying                   TAKE OUT: Trust
Lesson Three (Genesis 26:12-33): ORDER IN: Quarrel         TAKE OUT: Blessing
Lesson Four (Genesis 27-1-36): ORDER IN: Deceit               TAKE OUT: Truth
Lesson Five (Genesis 27:41-46): ORDER IN: Revenge          TAKE OUT: Forgiveness

What’s included in In and Out Cafe Art Camp?

A leader’s manual (digital download) with the following resources:

  • 25-Page Leader’s Manual
  • 5 Art Projects with Detailed Instructions, Downloadable Templates, Scripture Passages, and Art Supplies
  • Sample Schedules Formats
  • Scripture Memory Verses
  • Food and Drink suggestions
  • Planning Calendar
  • Optional “BaNannie Shake” videos for each lesson (Download via Vimeo)
  • Graphics and Promotional Material/ Sample Postcard, Logo page, Parental Consent Forms, T-Shirt Order Forms, CD Label Template
  • Ideas for an end of the study celebration called: Appetizers and Lemonade!
  • Resources/Ice Breaker Games and Questions
  • Song Suggestions to Download

What do I need to lead In and Out Cafe Art Camp?

In order to lead this Art Camp, you’ll need the In and Out Cafe Art Camp Leader’s Manual ($65.00) and one Student Booklet for each girl ($5.00). **PLEASE NOTE the booklets are not for reproduction. This booklet is for your use as a leader and is copyrighted material.

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