Girl’s Bible Studies

A Seed to Sow


A Seed to Sow is a five-lesson study with one art project for tween/teen girls that explores the Parable of the Sower in Luke 8:1-15. Each lesson looks at a fungus and an opposite fertilizer. The fungus represents ALL that takes our hearts and minds away from God while the fertilizer is the active ingredient that keeps our hearts and minds focused on God. Click here to learn more about A Seed to Sow.



BRAVE is a five-lesson study with one art project for tween/teen girls explores five passages in the Bible where men and women (Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego, Peter, Esther, David, and Jesus) prove to be brave when it comes to answering God’s call in their lives—even when the circumstances get tough. Click here to learn more about BRAVE.

In and Out Cafe


In and Out Cafe is a five-lesson study with one art project for tween/teen girls based in Genesis 25–27 on the topic of JEALOUSY. The Bible study takes a close look at jealousy while exploring the life experiences of Isaac, Rebekah, Esau, and Jacob. Each lesson focuses on two concepts: An “order-in” and an opposite “take-out.” Click here to learn more about In and Out Cafe.

Love is All You Need


Love is All You Need is a five-lesson study with one art project that teaches tween/teen girls how to “change the channel” from our own wants and expectations to what God desires for us. Each lesson demonstrateshow to change the channel from our own wanting, whining, worrying, weakness, and selfish winning attitudes to what the Bible tells us. Click here to learn more about Love is All You Need.

Project 2911 (Coming Soon!)


Project 2911 is a five-lesson study with one art project for tween/teen girls that looks at passages from the Bible that are either from Chapter 29, verse 11 or Chapter 2, verses 9-11. Through a recycled-reimagined theme, we discover that God has given us AMAZING gifts and we need to give them BACK to Him! Project 2911 will be available for purchase soon!

James: Following God’s Road Signs for Preteen Girls


James is a 27-week study with seven art projects that will teach preteen girls how to be joyful when they go through hard times, really listen to others, put their faith into action, treat others with kindness, and be wise. Click here to learn more about James.

He Knows My Name


He Knows My Name is a 20-lesson study with five art projects for tween/teen girls based on John 10:3, the Good Shepherd. Using the imagery of sheep and shepherds, He Knows My Name 20/20 Mini Lessons teaches girls that God will always love, protect, and lead into safe pastures. Click here to learn more about He Knows My Name.

Riding Tandem for Girls


Riding Tandem for Girls is a 12-lesson study with 12 art projects and/or creative activities developed for girls ages 12 and up. Riding Tandem is about an authentic, one-on-one relationship with God. It’s about learning our position on the back of the bike and trusting God with the front steering. Our personal relationship with God is built for two. He is the Captain and we must learn to lean into His leading, pedal forward, and trust Him with the directions. Click here to learn more about Riding Tandem for Girls.

ARTBox in Your INBox


Developed with pre-teen and teenage girls in mind, ARTBox is a creative devotional-lesson that comes directly to your inbox each month. This digital resource offers girls the chance to study God’s Word and deepen their relationship with Jesus. ARTBox is filled with art projects, memory verses, recipes, community service ideas, and more. Click here to learn more about ARTBox.